Hen and stag shooting parties, and corporate groups, by region.

Of all our experience types, shooting is proving the most popular way for stag and hen parties, and corporate groups, to get together on an adrenaline-fueled day out where accuracy and competition make for brilliant fun and long lasting memories. Many of the lists on this site show shooting vouchers for one or two people, this is a list of all the venues in our network where you can take a group or three people or more - up to 20 people in some cases - for a fantastic party.

We have had years of supplying this sort of group thrill and we are aware that trying to pull it all together can be like herding cats. We suggest that, once you have identified the SORT of thing you would like to do, and the place you would like to do it then get in touch. We understand that the essential need is for us to be flexible, and we will do our best. If, of course, you spot exactly what you want for exactly the right number of people from exactly the right place then feel free to purchase the voucher online (or give us a call if you would like to haggle....).