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Archery Experience
ADVERT ID: 37179

Archery Experience£30.50

Archery experience at York N, Yorkshire
Chance to try out the noble art of Archery.

Novice Clay Session (25 clays)
ADVERT ID: 37850

Novice Clay Session (25 clays)£37.50

Clay pigeon experience at Dawlish NE, Devon
Whether shooting for fun, a challenge, or to practice for the shooting season we offer the chance to shoot with expert tuition. Session includes 25 clays and cartridges.

Junior Have a Go Experience
ADVERT ID: 34719

Junior Have a Go Experience£38.00

Clay pigeon experience at Saxmundham, Suffolk
Our Have a Go Days offer a chance to try that Great sport of Clay Shooting. This Junior voucher is valid for Under 16's, and can be used on the 1st Saturday of the month

Single Introductory Lesson
ADVERT ID: 21565

Single Introductory Lesson£41.25

Clay pigeon experience at Mildenhall, Suffolk
A lesson for prospective individual shooters or groups to try clay target shooting on simple uncomplicated targets.

Archery experience for two
ADVERT ID: 36469

Archery experience for two£42.50

Archery experience at Blandford Forum C, Dorset
Archery session for two people - your chance to experience the sport of kings!

Half Day Paintballing for 2 (100 paintballs)
ADVERT ID: 36457

Half Day Paintballing for 2 (100 paintballs)£42.50

Paintballing experience at Blandford Forum C, Dorset
Your opportunity to experience the thrills and excitement of Paintballing - the ultimate challenge in keeping your wits under pressure.Includes 100 paintballs each. Valid for two participants.

Clay Pigeon Shooting
ADVERT ID: 32637

Clay Pigeon Shooting£42.50

Clay pigeon experience at Llangollen (S), Denbighshire
If you are looking for a day out from your usual routine or just looking to release some stress then why not try Clay Pigeon shooting.

1 Hour Archery Lesson
ADVERT ID: 32640

1 Hour Archery Lesson£42.50

Archery experience at Dunoon North, Argyllshire
1 Hour Archery Lesson

1 hour Archery Experience
ADVERT ID: 27735

1 hour Archery Experience£42.50

Archery experience at Oswestry, Shropshire
Our experienced instructor will give you a 5 minute talk on how to shoot correctly and then walk around each bowman giving tips to improve your technique.

Paintballing experience for 2  - Midlands
ADVERT ID: 33835

Paintballing experience for 2 - Midlands£42.50

Paintballing experience at Wolverhampton West, West Midlands
Paintballing experience.You will be playing a variety of indoor and outdoor games during the session. Includes 300 paintballs per person. Voucher valid for 2 people.

1-1 Clay Pigeon Tuition - 15 clays
ADVERT ID: 36703

1-1 Clay Pigeon Tuition - 15 clays£46.44

Clay pigeon experience at Felixkirk (S), Yorkshire
Clay Pigeon Taster suitable for total beginners or those who have shot before. You will receive 1-1 tuition with our BASC coach. Includes 15 clays.

Adult Have a Go Experience
ADVERT ID: 34720

Adult Have a Go Experience£47.25

Clay pigeon experience at Saxmundham, Suffolk
A Chance to try a New sport and Have a Go at Clay Shooting now a popular Olympic Discipline. Voucher can be used on the 1st Saturday of each month

Half Day Paintballing for 2 (100 Paintballs)
ADVERT ID: 36724

Half Day Paintballing for 2 (100 Paintballs)£47.50

Paintballing experience at Derby North West, Derbyshire
An event to remember this is a MUST. After your initial safety briefing the fun will really begin !!(100 Paintballs each). Valid for 2 participants.

Paintballing Event for 2  with 300 paintballs
ADVERT ID: 35552

Paintballing Event for 2 with 300 paintballs£50.00

Paintballing experience at Grimsby West, Lincolnshire
Half day Paintballing - includes 300 paintballs per person. Valid for 2 participants. Teamwork and communication are required to beat the opposition, but do you have what it takes?