Hotseat Coupons

If you would like to give someone a gift experience but do not know what your recipient would like to do or has already done, an Experiences4all Hotseat Coupon is the perfect solution.

An Experiences4all Hotseat Coupon is your loved one's ticket to a dream experience.... whether it be a awe inspiring Hot Air Ballon flight at Balloning4all, a relaxing pony trek through unspoiled countryside at Horseriding4all, sitting behind the wheel of a stunning sports car at Driving4all, private flying lessons at Flights4all or taking a shot at clays at Shooting–vouchers.

Hotseat Coupons are the ideal answer to that awkward birthday or anniversary gift suggestion. One Hotseat Coupon will provide literally thousands of experiences to choose from ranging from hair–raising and exhilarating through to calming and relaxing. Make sure you get it right first time and buy a Hotseat Coupon – after all, no one knows your loved one better then they do!

Hotseat couponHotseat coupon Hotseat couponHotseat coupon Hotseat couponHotseat coupon Hotseat couponHotseat coupon

How Hotseat Coupons work

  • Redeemable against any experience on any of the associate sites within Experiences4all
  • Anyone can use the Hotseat Coupon
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Simply shop for a thrilling flying, driving, shooting or riding experience and click the 'Buy' button. As part of the purchase process you will asked to enter details of any hotseat coupons you might have, and doing this will instantly deduct the face value from the total amount payable.

Select a brand for the hotseat coupon

(This is your way to send a hint to your recipent. You might want them to go flying, but they could just as easily use their Coupon to go horse-riding)

Choose the value for your coupon

  • Hotseat 25:
  • Hotseat 50:
  • Hotseat 75:
  • Hotseat 100:
  • Hotseat 125:
  • Hotseat 150:
  • Hotseat 175:
  • Hotseat 225:
  • Hotseat 250:
  • Hotseat 275:
  • Hotseat 300:

Want to give the ultimate gift experience?

Why not club together with a group of friends and each purchase a Hotseat coupon to give to the recipient? Giving four Hotseat 50's would allow the recipient a fantastic choice.

Things you need to note about Hotseat coupons

  • Hotseat coupons are only valid for a limited period. Please be sure you use them before they expire. Expired coupons have no value.
  • You can use your coupons in part of full payment for any experience advertised by the websites on Experiences4all. Coupons cannot be redeemed against any third party promotions or products.
  • Where the value of a coupon is greater than the value of an experience, any remaining coupon value is forfeited.
  • Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Already have one or more Hotseat coupons? Find out how to redeem them.