What is Paintballing all about?

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Paintball is a recreational game and an organized sport played year round, outdoors and indoors. The basic game is "capture the flag," where the object of the game is to capture the other team's flag and return it to your team's home base ("flag station") for the win, while keeping the other team from capturing your flag! Each team starts from its home base when the referees call "Game on!" and advances through the playing field.

Games have a time limit, usually 20 minutes. Referees start and stop the games, and enforce the safety and playing rules. Each player has a paintball marker, powered by C02 or compressed air, which shoots paintballs. PMI paintballs are colourful gelatin capsules like big round vitamins, filled with a bright–coloured, biodegradable (washable) liquid fill. The paintballs split open and leave a "splat" mark. A marked player is out of that game. The more opponents that are marked out the easier it is to capture their flag.

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Who plays paintball?

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Paintball is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Anyone can be a star player, as strategy and teamwork, not size, speed or strength, lead to victory. Insurance rules determine the minimum age for players; check with the field operator for the field's requirements for allowing children to play.

What is needed to play?

The field makes available all the equipment and supplies needed to play paintball, including markers, head protection systems, goggles and high quality PMI paintballs. It's advisable to wear loose–fitting, dark clothing (shorts and short sleeves are not recommended) and comfortable footwear with ankle support.

How safe is it?

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The field operator is committed to providing safe, enjoyable paintball games for all players. Each player must attend a safety and rules orientation prior to play. Every player, and every person in or near authorized shooting areas, must wear eye protection designed for paintball, consisting of goggles and a head protection system. Shooting is restricted to the playing fields, target range, and chronograph area. Players are expected to follow the rules of safe play at all times.